All Business Is Social

Many travel companies and destinations view Social Media as the “next big thing”, “the next must have” or the “next budget item” and fail to undertand that the shift is so much deeper.

The current state of “social media” for many businesses looks more like an episode of MacGyver than Apple’s design process. Duct tape and bubble gum hold together fragile tactics such as Twitter accounts run by the summer college intern (nothing against college interns) or agency-generated Facebook fan pages that have few actual fans.

This is not how any design process begins. It’s not a purposeful or intentional act of originating and developing a plan for a product, structure, system, or component. It’s a reactive fragmented approach that may achieve short-term results for marketing but usually ends up living in isolation (a social media department). Source: David Armano Blog

Truth is we are moving (some might argue, we have moved) from a product to a human centric view of the universe recognising that business is first and foremost about relationships that may lead to transactions and not the other way round.

All business and all marketing is social and a failure to design your entire business around this fact will generate partial results and render you less competitive.

Take 5 minutes to watch this video from Danish firm Leader Lab. Fortunately,  their choice of music won’t blast your eardrums either!

Leader Lab Video


  1. The New Consumer | Conscious.Travel - March 4, 2011

    […] During the same period there has been a substantial shift  in the approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies initially applied CSR as an optional extra – adding philanthropic projects to demonstrate a degree of responsibility but not really examining and changing their fundamental approach to the utilisation of resources and people in pursuit of profit. As will be described elsewhere, the term CSR is fast disappearing as the business commnuity grapples with the notion that all commerce is about relationships between people and is inherently social in nature — see FutureLab’s short video here. […]


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