Is Conscious Travel for YOU?

If you are a provider of an attraction, activity, tour, spa, restaurant dependent on out-of-town visitors or a small boutique hotel, of if you operate an event then Conscious.Travel is for you.

If you are concerned about your financial future plus the economic vitality, cultural aliveness and environmental health of your local community, then this movement is for you!

Your future prosperity depends on waking up to the fact that, while you’ve been giving your customers happy memories to take home, the world has changed. So you have to change, because…..

  • The Game let alone the Rules Have Changed (it’s a real Paradigm shift this time!)
  • The old industrial model is dying and producing diminishing returns.
  • Your customers have changed – their values, their buying behaviour and their needs
  • Marketing has been turned upside down
  • Traditional distribution channels are no longer effective
  • Technological innovation will continue to outpace our ability to deploy
  • Public sector funding is drying up
  • Operator/wholesalers catering to a mass market will stiffen their pressure on you to reduce prices. (they have no choice)
  • New entrants to our sector are out smarting you
  • You need to build a sustainable, profitable business

But ours is not a negative message. On the contrary, Conscious.Travel is about creating a better, richer, more vibrant, sustainable and profitable way of doing tourism that harnesses its power as a healing agent and celebrates the uniqueness of people, cultures and ecosystems.

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