Introducing Conscious Travel TV

We’re slowly building the Conscious Travel Channel on Youtube with a combination of short conversational videos in which Anna (that’s me) talks about  Conscious Travel instead of writing about it. We’ll also include videos we think are relevant to the Conscious Travel movement – so if you have any to share, please email me:

The Introduction, as its title suggests, provides a brief highlight of the key issues affecting tourism.

Why Conscious Travel – looks at both the need for an alternative vision and why the term “conscious” has been used.

In the Challenge of Industrial Tourism I talk about  the need for industry to “wake up” and “grow up” so the most relevant posts to this conversation are: Good Morning Tourism Time For Your Wake-up Call, Parts One & Part Two.

The video What is  a Conscious Host highlights those attributes that an operator could develop in order to attract travellers that are also awake, aware and alert.

What is a Conscious Host?

2 Responses to “Introducing Conscious Travel TV”

  1. More than a comments I have a question! You mention “conscious Marketing” in your presentation of What is a conscious Host. Where can I find more on this subject? Thank you for you great work!
    Patrizia Antonicelli


  2. Would you care to record a video skype conversation this week?


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