Thank YOU

Before we proceed further into 2012, I just want to express my appreciation to all the individuals who have supported me with this initiative by giving me accommodation plus great food and wine, helpful feedback, financial support and moral encouragement; subscribing to the site; telling others to subscribe during 2011.


As I have learned to my cost in the past, timing is everything! But I know I have it right this time. The pace of change is staggering. 2012 will be the year when one Era, one paradigm will shift in front of our eyes. I now understand the saying in the Bible that “change can come in the twinkling of an eye”. All it takes is a change in perception and a desire to make a difference. In fact in 2012, I guarantee that product differentiation will all be related to how enterprises show they are making a difference.

At the same time, things may appear to get worse in 2012 – evidence for the stresses placed on nature by human action and the spillover impact on human societies will increase and accelerate. Many institutions will continue to resist and pray that business will return as usual. They will be sorely disappointed.

This is the year when individuals can really make a difference because we are not alone; we are all connected and we are and can create a better future for our children and grand children. The key to success in 2012 is to find kindred spirits and hold hands – so please encourage like minded souls to subscribe to this blog, make comments or “like” our Facebook page and follow our progress in New Zealand.

I write this from Auckland, New Zealand – a tourism destination that has a reputation for being innovative and resilient.  We’re planning to undertake a “roadshow” over the next two months in order to raise awareness of Conscious Travel and get input from these ingenious Kiwis for the emerging e-learning platform. More news on that to follow shortly.

2 Responses to “Thank YOU”

  1. GINA – It will be a pleasure to travel this road together. Your work on Conscious Leadership and your blog have already informed and inspired.


  2. Bravo, Anna! Brave soul indeed. Looking forward to carving new paths in 2012 alongside you and other like-minded entrepreneurs. Best wishes to you, Gina


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