Support Indigenous People’s Week & the Celebration of Indigenous Tourism – 6-9th August

This post is an unsolicited plug for the upcoming Indigenous Tourism Week’s Celebration of Indigenous Tourism organised by the tireless, energetic and utterly committed Ron Mader. Ron has assembled a wealth of information and connections on this topic as you can see from his Slideshare presentation and Media Release that I have reproduced below:, Nutti Sámi Siida, Guurrbi Tours, TIME Unlimited and Nevada
Magazine co-host Indigenous Peoples Week August 6-12, our second annual
celebration of social media storytelling about indigenous peoples and
tourism around the world.

This online unconference is free and everyone’s invited. The objective is
two-fold: to raise awareness of indigenous tourism options around the world
and to improve digital literacy skills among indigenous tourism providers

Our circle of conversation includes indigenous and non-indigenous peoples
around the world. Complete details are online the Planeta Wiki

Be Engaged: How to participate

Learn social media by using social media: Blogs, Delicious, Facebook,
Flickr, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Slideshare,
Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia – to learn and share info about indigenous

Delicious: Follow the Indigenous Peoples Week Stack and suggest a link

Facebook: Introduce yourself or ask a question on the event page

Flickr: Create an account an upload a few photos of your work. There are a
number of relevant groups. One of our favorites is the World Crafts Group — — and another fave is the World
Parks Group —

Foodspotting: Please share photos of indigenous foods available for visitors

Slideshare: Favorite the overview presentation — — and seek out or
create a new presentation about indigenous culture

Twitter: Tweet about indigenous culture and please tweet about the event.
Please use the hashtag #ipw2012

YouTube: Videos please! Record your own video and introduce yourself and
your interest in indigenous tourism. You can also curate a playlist to
document indigenous culture and traditional knowledge. Example:

Wikipedia: Read or edit information about indigenous culture

** Promotion on‘s World Travel Directory ** is offering a special bonus and VIP status to businesses in
our World Travel Directory <>  which
feature indigenous culture. We’ll extend the directory listing free for one
month for businesses actively participating in Indigenous Peoples Week.
Tour guides and companies not in the directory but which would like to
support this event, may apply for a new listing.
<> .

One Response to “Support Indigenous People’s Week & the Celebration of Indigenous Tourism – 6-9th August”

  1. Many thanks for the unsolicited plug! I hope this inspires other bloggers to have their say.

    Please note that this is a week-long celebration from August 6-12. It’s an online unconference which means that this is participant driven. If you’re an indigenous tour company or artisan, please use social media to share your story. If you are not indigenous, use social media to share stories of trips you’ve made with indigenous guides. Everyone is invited to ask questions. This will be a week that changes the world as we all wake up to the opportunities and options that abound.


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