The Legend, Prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor

In celebration of Indigenous People’s Week, I would like to share the inspirational story of the Eagle and the Condor. I first heard this story when participating in the Symposium developed by the Pachamama Alliance and which is the root source of inspiration for Conscious Travel.

It’s a powerful metaphor for what happens when two worldviews can learn to fly together – taking the best from each perspective to create something new.

It’s a major source of hope and, if you have eyes to see, you’ll recognise the thousands of initiatives around the world that express what this flight in the sky looks like. As is being discussed all this week, the role that indigenous people can play in developing conscious travel is one such example of the Eagle and Condor in full flight.

The video is only 2 minutes long – take a quick break and I guarantee you’ll be lifted up and forward!! The video is sourced from The Pachamama Alliance whose site will direct you information about the Symposium.


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