Conscious Travel has an eye-catching new look

Thanks to the generosity of Lynne Gray of ThatsPR and Jenni Jackson of JayMac Graphics, we are pleased to unveil our new custom built logo.

Not only is it eye catching (pun intended) but it communicates the essence of our focus.

Conscious Travel is about a fundamental shift in perception – seeing our world differently.

But, by seeing, we don’t just refer to our physical and visual senses. Modern science informs us that 94% of the world is effectively invisible so we have to develop other ways of knowing.

Each person’s mindset or worldview is formed from personal experience and strongly influenced by the culture and physical setting  in which we grow up and live. So in that sense it’s shaped by “place” – a key principle of the Conscious Travel model. By travelling to other places we have a chance to experience another perspective (way of seeing) that can cause us to become more aware of the values, beliefs and assumptions that colour our own lenses (mindsets/worldviews).

Consciousness is universal. Perspective is personal. Deepak Chopra

Source: Thatspr

We find ourselves truly appreciating the inter-connectedness and inter-dependence of all forms of life – our “oneness” – when we recognise that we only have “one earth” while simultaneously recognising and respecting the uniqueness of each “place” and the unique gifts of each individual.

Tourism’s future depends on our ability to stop the force that converts diverse cultures and ecosystems into sterile and highly vulnerable monocultures. When all places seem the same and become mere objects for consumption,  they quickly degenerate into substitutable commodities and the value potential – built up over 13.5 billion years of evolution – is lost. Only when we see with fresh lenses,  will we have a chance of generating the highest and best return from the diverse places and people upon which we depend.

We have deliberately chosen the domain (not live just yet) because the dot separating these two words expresses a punctuation point – a moment when our perception experiences a quantum leap or phase change after which reality is never quite the same. After an “AHA moment,” an old way of seeing and being is discarded so that new possibilities can be embraced. Once that shift has occurred we are then able to turn endless possibilities into tangible probabilities.

That’s where we’re at as humanity and that’s where we’re at as the community engaged in welcoming and serving guests.

And that’s why our last post summarizes conscious travel in 3 words: value, mindset and place.

2 Responses to “Conscious Travel has an eye-catching new look”

  1. Great concept. It’s unique and has hard facts. I like it.


  2. I really like the logo – the image of an eye always draws in the viewer too – so I’m sure it will be effective. Great concept!


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