Leading the Way: The Adventure of Travel

The theme of ATTA’S Adventure Travel World Summit  2013 conference (#ATWS2013) was imagine, inspire and invest:

atws 4

and both the organisers (ATTA) and the host country (Namibia) delivered in spades!  The conference was excellent and the week spent before with the WINTA family utterly unforgettable and transformative. Still trying to find the words to describe so many impressions and insights. So much joy, and sharing!


Shannon Stowell, CEO of ATTA accepts Talking Stick from Chief Ian Campbell

In the meantime, here’s my presentation – I’ve added various links to the paper in case people want to go into more depth (click on title to download)

Paper: Leading the Way: The Adventure of Travel

Slide Deck Only

and just in case you weren’t sure of its relevance, remember the words of Carl Sagan, and if you are too young to know who he was, look him up on Google!

2 Responses to “Leading the Way: The Adventure of Travel”

  1. Thank you MIchael your positive words of encouragement always spur me on.I can’t find the discussion you are referring me to – perhaps you could direct me – but I do appreciate you sharing. Anything that promotes re-thinking is to be encouraged…


  2. Anna, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your presentation as it tickled my fancy, inner thoughts and outward expressions of conscious travel. Our collective responsibilities and accountability need to be articulated and demonstrated through governance. As such I have taken the liberty to post your article on LinkedIn’s place Branding site. I had just finished responding to a request for information on place branding governance and thought the readers would gain added wisdom from the necessity to re-think tourism.


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