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Status Update & Plans for 2016

To all my loyal supporters and readers, I owe you an update. While my posts have decreased in frequency, the expenditure of effort has not diminished. I want to share where we’re at and and the exciting plans for 2016, in keeping with our mission:

Our Mission short version
To ensure tourism becomes a tangible force for good, enabling places and people to flourish.

Our Mission long version
To increase the positive net impact of inbound tourism one community at a time; by enabling hosts (residents and tourism business owner-managers) to assume greater responsibility for shaping the nature, scale and pace of tourism development in their destination.

Conscious.Travel is working towards the achievement of its mission in three ways:

1. Developing Conscious Hosting – a set of educational materials and support tools, primarily aimed at communities of hosts, to increase their capacity to adapt and flourish in a highly volatile, disruptive world.

  • CT cover pageWe’ve published 100 articles on this blog ( to raise awareness of the need to develop a holistic, integrated alternative to the dominant model. The term Conscious Travel or Conscious Tourism being used more frequently.
  • Published a 90+ page report integrating background research, rationale and unique holistic perspective on an alternative model (Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism: The Conscious Travel Approach). This report was designed for use by academics teaching tourism and hospitality at a university level. Click on image to download.
  • Prepared a brief summary in the form of a Conscious Travel Manifesto
  • Spoken at over 30 conference events over past 4 years – slide presentations all available on Slideshare here.
  • Writing a more popular, accessible book, Pathways to Prosperity, for destination stakeholders that provides practical advice on how to apply Conscious Travel principles to increase enterprise profit and destination yield.
  • Developing a one day workshop for hosts (suppliers and residents in a community) who wish to cope better with change and collaborate to build a better tourism.

2. Developing Conscious Journeys that showcase ways in which well-designed trips can produce higher levels of net benefit to host communities by:

  • Generating and distributing income more widely and deeply into the host community through resident engagement and development of rich, creative and diverse “experiences” that draw upon local knowledge;
  • Sustaining existing and future micro-enterprises and local year-round employment;
  • Working with suppliers committed to taking actions that improve the net benefits gained from tourism (reducing energy, resource and water use); regenerating cultures and place-distinctiveness; and engaging a wider range of residents)
  • Attracting philanthropic support in the form of social investment, donations of money and expertise; micro-loans; and
  • Fostering the reciprocal exchange of knowledge, perspectives and expertise between guests and hosts that contributing to the achievement one of more of the United Nations’ Global Goals.A test itinerary will be shared soon. All feedback welcome.

3. Developing Places That Care – a program that motivates and engages youth to support and encourage existing businesses, associations, and public agencies to “change for good by contributing to the achievement one of more of the United Nations’ Global Goals.

I am pleased to feature the projects I have also been working with this past year:

Conscious Travel is a very much a non-profit organisation but is not richly endowed. I am having to limit the number of pro bono speaking engagements in 2016 while I complete my book but I know I can offer hosts original and practical insights in how to generate greater sustained profitability for their business and deliver improved benefits to their communities based on my research.

For more information on a content rich, one-day workshop designed to serve small to medium sized communities (host supplies and residents) who wish to Flourish in an Age of Disruption, please contact me at:


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