Conscious Travellers Are Connected & Communicative

Facebook Connections

Despite wanting a slower, simpler life, today’s New Consumers have embraced the devices (smartphones and tablet computers) and services (Facebook and Twitter) that connect them to each other and the services they wish to buy.
All of your customers are literally on the move and want a consistent level of service throughout every phase of their purchase and experience cycle.

After years of waiting for the Age of Mobiquity to arrive, we’re in it now, big time and the travel industry is caught on the hop. Two-thirds of attractions, activity and small tour operators don’t enable online booking and even less are conversing with customers on their mobile phones.

Not only is the New Consumer “always on” but they are constantly sharing experiences in real time with each other  – you only have to watch the political events unfolding in North Africa in February 2011 to appreciate the impact of connectivity + social media. Even the home of “rugged individualism” is changing

“New research from Strategic Business Insights (formerly SRI Consulting) shows that communitarian values are beginning to trump individualism (in America). The concepts that embrace sharing, community and collaboration are experiencing a revival and influencing the choices travelers make.”

Humans are starting to behave with the agility and nimbleness of a swarm. Never has it been so important to deliver a high and consistent level of service and to attract the right kind of customer who is in alignment with your values.  Mobility has brought the means to connect, now it’s time to learn how to attract  and support conscious travellers while at home and once they are on the move.

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