Conscious Consumers Are Re-inventing Themselves and Their World

This, the greatest recession in 60 years has provided a “punctuation point” along history’s time line. For adults under 40, it has introduced the notion of risk and uncertainty for the first time in their working lives. For boomers it has reactivated dormant memories of depression and deprivation as told by their parents.

Definition of Re-invention

Individuals of all ages are actively engaged in learning, launching new businesses and embracing new lifestyles. They are crafting their own measures of success and seeking happiness and contentment in their own unique ways.

They don’t look for guidance to large corporations or the state – neither of which they trust – but to themselves and each other.

It’s as if every unexamined assumption is being examined – how we govern , educate, work, heal, and even define prosperity.

This trend of re-invention is just another term to describe the process of waking up and becoming conscious. It’s the time for fearless truth telling.

Suppliers of travel products and services have to understand this “New Consumer” if they wish to survive and prosper in the next decade. is all about how to do just that.

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