Conscious Travellers Are Social, Human Beings

Source: BBMG Welcome to the Age of Co-creativity

Here’s an assertion: if you have a social media strategy, it will fail.


Because the notion of a “separate social media strategy” implies you are thinking “business as usual” but with optional extras added on – seeing Facebook pages or Twitter accounts as additional distribution channels etc.

Reality check: All business and all marketing is social and succeeds when fantasies are fulfilled and positive emotions are released that lead to engagement between buyer and seller.

Old marketing focused on transactions first and relationship second. New marketing reverses this order. By focusing on relationships first and building trust, it generates higher transaction value over time.
Old marketing worried about owning the customer, withholding information and protecting its intellectual property while trying to add value and reduce costs. New marketing recognizes that the customer is in control and is the primary source of value.  Suppliers exist to engage and support. Conscious hosts gain market share by sharing, supporting, listening, and caring.

Until you get it; until you realize that all marketing is social and has been turned on its head, until you replace “push” thinking with pull thinking; until you shift your focus from talking to listening, from promoting to attracting, from transaction to transformation, you’ll tinker at the edge of your business, waste money and watch your customers drift away.
If you really want to understand the essence of social marketing, then reflect on this graphic. Conscious hosts understand the new rules of marketing. They attract, then engage and always support, never push, the conscious traveler before, during or after their trip

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