Slow, Small, Simple and Self-Reliant

Paula Clayton

In stark contrast to the hyper-consumption of the past 10-15 years, consumers seem to be rejecting an excess of size, choice, speed and complexity. The trend towards ever bigger houses, cars, and longer, more frequent and exotic holidays has slowed.


Small is beautiful again; and the slow food movement is being, albeit slowly, transferred to the notion of slow travel, slow cities, slow books and slow money. 

The market research undertaken by Euro RSG, Ogilvy and Yankelovich all confirm that a majority now think they would be better off if they lived more simply. When Euro RSG asked respondents to indicate which of 25 product descriptors most appealed to them, their top choices were durable, useful, practical, trustworthy, and simple. 

Conscious travellers have a strong sense of accountability and don’t expect to be bailed out. They want to create their own future.

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