The Learning Program

A critical component of the movement is an e-learning program based upon a portfolio of online resources  (webinars, workbooks, papers, workshops) designed to develop the leadership, operational and marketing capacity of Conscious Hosts and their ability to attract, engage and support Conscious Travellers. Some of these will be freely available to all browsers and others, designed or applied specifically to the program, will be on a subscription basis only.

These resources will comprise a mix of material developed by the Conscious Travel Team and materials made available by local sector experts. We have no desire to re-invent wheels so where modules can be developed by local suppliers for both on and offline delivery we will be pleased to collaborate. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for all existing and potential leaders, operators and managers in a region not just to access the tools and knowledge needed to attract Conscious Travellers but to design their own learning pathway.

We know we will “stand out” because of our commitment to a.) start with leaders; and b) focus initially on their inner, personal development. You can see how we think our approach both complements and differs from existing programs here.

A variety of learning modules will be offered within the four main aspects of the program. This is a preliminary list of topics and will be developed upon further consultation with “would be” Conscious Hosts. All comments and suggestions welcomed. Please email:

Conscious Leadership

  • Understanding and Facing Change – what are the issues affecting travel and tourism?
  • Why Mindsets Matter so much
  • Shifting Mindsets – what are the implications of a shift in worldview and how do you change?
  • Corporate Culture as Competitive Advantage – how to develop a cultures that enable your enterprise to soar?
  • What Does it Mean to Practice Business Consciously
  • Understanding Self – what are your values and personality & how are they expressed through your business?
  • Finding Purpose – why does this business really exist and whom does it serve?
  • What is your Corporate Personality (aka “brand”)?
  • Why and How Can You Become a Change Agent in Your Community

Conscious Caring

  • How to unleash the passion and intelligence of your team to delight your guests
  • How to align your stakeholders around your vision and purpose and create the value that delivers to the bottom line
  • Caring for the Community
  • Operating in Harmony with the Biosphere – what does it take to be responsible?

Conscious Marketing

  • Marketing Now that All Business is Social
  • Developing a Digital Strategy
  • Telling Your Story
  • Wowing the Customer
  • Being Found – anywhere, anywhere, anytime
  • Mastering Mobile
  • Monitoring Reputation
  • Crisis Management & Problem Solving

Conscious Experiences

  • Understanding Motivation
  • Identifying Your Perfect Customer
  • Reflecting & Expressing a Unique Sense of Place
  • Designing For Emotion
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