The Conscious Traveller

Conscious travellers are the customers that your business needs because they can reward you with higher yields and, better still, they’ll refer their peers to you and, when possible, will try to return.

Conscious travellers are good for your fiscal health.

Conscious travelers are also good for the destination, the planet and the rest of us. They’ll make more cautious, considered purchases, will favour suppliers who are acting responsibly, will often put something back into the host community, and become your best partners and ambassadors.

If you’ve done your job right as travel suppliers, these guests will return home genuinely rejuvenated; better able to see and think clearly;  and more committed to living responsibly and harmoniously themselves.

Conscious hosts are those suppliers who have successfully attracted, supported and engaged these travelers. They enjoy higher profit margins, more satisfaction, and greater stability.

Conscious Hosts have earned the title change agents, healing the planet one tired guest at a time.

While research has not been undertaken yet into the characteristics of Conscious Travellers a growing body of general market research has identified a growing segment called The Conscious Consumer”. Summaries of this generic research on shifts in consumer value and behaviour can be found here. Based on an analysis of these generic trends,  we have inferred the following characteristics of a “Conscious Traveller”.

  1. Conscious Travelers are Re-inventing Themselves and Their World – they are setting the trends; they spend more, care more and demand more.
  2. They value what’s Slow, Small, and Simple and aim for Self-reliance
  3. They are Connected and Communicative – please them and they’ll help build your business
  4. Conscious Travellers are Social, Human Beings. Don’t treat them as wallets or eyeballs.
  5. Conscious Travellers Care About The Places They Visit – So Must You
  6. Conscious Travellers Seek Meaningful Experiences That Help Them Develop
  7. Conscious Travellers Want It Real, Authentic and Personal
  8. They require That Suppliers Think Globally But Act Locally
We’re pleased to see that the notion of a Conscious Traveller is catching on. Two Americans have created a new site and blog devoted to empowering the conscious traveller. You can visit it by clicking on iSeeitravel. 
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